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4pm Hokkien Show on NTV7 ...

I telllllll u horrrr .... dis river in the Taiwan horrr ... according to this Hokkien show horr ... is VERY BUZY de !!!

EVERYBOOOODYYYYY one by one sure try to commit suicide there wan de !

like horr .. EVERY 5 episodes horrr ... I sure see see the river wan ...

FIRST .. the Ah BU go ... then ... later .. the Ah Xuen go .. then ... the Ah MA go .. then then .. the AH BA go ... then one by one .... the Ah Gu all go.... then hoorrrr .... cut .. next generation ... then start again ... the Ah gu (who is now the Ah *grandfather*, obviously during his Ah Gu suicide attempt he did not succeed) ... is his turn to go lorh .. then the handsome handsome grandsons and their assorted girlfriends one by one go ..


I oso realise .. the HOSPITAL in taiwan oso VERY BZ de !!!

firstttt the Ah Bu fall down and hit her head ... so she go first ... *sit sit inside the hospital long long* ... then horrr .. the Ah MA rolll down the hilll.. so SHE oso go .. and sit sit long long inside the hospital ... WA ... dat one very drama ! coma and everything .. ppl cry cry nonstop .. kneel kneel here kneel kneel there .. and a lot of incense at the home altar wan this part of the show (more about it below)... gegegegege

then ... of coz all the Ah Gu will follow la inside the hospital ... one by one fall down la, fight in market la, evil ppl come and rob the shop la ... all one by one go sit sit inside the hospital ... but not as drama as the Ah Ma in hospital la ...

so I think horrr .. Taiwan hokkien show need onli the following sets to be complete:

1. RIVER (veryyy important)
2. HOSPITAL (haiyohh.. dis one .. VERYYYY importanntttt really reallly)
3. Sitting Room c/w wid assorted oranges and tea (wid seats facing one side onli .. u never see anyone sitting in front of camera wid back facing to u wan)
4. Park c/w flowers (for the song .. coz they nid to walk walk walk and the flower flowers wid the song playing playing)
5. Some disco (this is when the young generation start in the show)
6. Family altar (coz the ah MA and the daughters' in law will non stop praying praying and put put put the incense)
7. Catholic church c/w wid priest (coz during wedding they all SUDDENLY become catholic wan)
8. Taoist Funeral Parlour c/w taoist burial stone (coz when they die, SUDDENLY is taoist again)

ok .. finish ...

if got all dis horrrr .. can do Taiwan hokkien drama liaoz .. at least 56 episodes ...

did I mention that the RIVER is vERY important wan ???

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